To Our Valued Customers:

The coronavirus situation is constantly changing, but our primary goal is always to ensure the health and well being of our employees and customers.  The best ways to do this are by 1) maintaining rigorous sanitary practices and 2) dramatically limiting person-to-person contact (Social Distancing).

Our second goal is to ensure that we can continue to operate at the highest level and provide our customers with the products and service you need to stay successful.

I wanted to summarize current action items comprising our response to the coronavirus threat:


  • Branch personnel must wash hands frequently throughout the day with soap and warm water;
  • All high-traffic surfaces (counters, door handles, light switches faucets etc.) must be disinfected at least twice daily;
  • Candy bowls, popcorn, counter stools etc. are to be removed from showrooms until further notice;
  • Social Distancing: stay min. 6 ft. away from others; no handshakes; avoid groups of 10 or more etc.;
  • If you are sick STAY HOME – if you have fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, see a doctor and get tested for the coronavirus.


In an effort to keep our employees and customers healthy and reduce the possibility of coronavirus transmission, Benoist Brothers has implemented Curbside Service in all of our branches.  We will accept orders over the phone, by email, fax or online store (, and then bring them to our loading dock or directly to the customer’s vehicle.  Our walk-in counters and showrooms will be closed until further notice.  A sign shall be attached to each branch’s door notifying customers of this policy.  COD orders:  credit cards and ACH info should be phoned in in advance.

Of course our delivery service remains available in all branches as always.  Drivers will minimize exposure during deliveries by practicing Social Distancing, using gloves, and dropping product off unattended on docks whenever possible.


  • Large meetings, including scheduled branch openings in Paducah and Owensboro, have been cancelled.
  • Nonessential travel (conferences, plant visits etc.) is cancelled.
  • Training sessions with more than 2 participants are cancelled.
  • Sales calls shall be replaced by phone calls, emails, Skype, Zoom, videoconference etc. unless absolutely necessary.
  • Technical service visits made only if absolutely necessary, with owner consent and using Social Distancing practices.
  • No customer visit is to be made without prior customer approval.
  • Visits from vendors are not authorized at this time.

These policies are in effect until further notice. Our hope is that as a society, by taking measures like these, we are able to reverse transmission of the coronavirus soon, the panic will subside, and we can relax or repeal these policies in the near future.

Some additional resources that you might find helpful:

  • US Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Small Business Guide
  • CISA Guidance on Critical Infrastructure Workers (Essential Businesses)
  • Ruud Contractor COVID Flyer – (for concerned homeowners)
  • OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

We at Benoist remain committed to helping you stay healthy and continue to thrive in these uncertain times.  We’re looking forward to a great season together as the weather heats up and the threat of the virus starts to recede.


Peter Warren


Chief Executive Officer

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As a reminder: the virus is transmitted through particles that are coughed or sneezed, but which rapidly settle on counters, tables, doorknobs etc.  Unless you are standing next to someone who sneezes on you, you are more likely to pick up the virus by touching someone’s hand or an affected surface and then touching your face (which most people do 24 times every hour.)  This is why handwashing is so important.