Hydron Module Factory Building Front View
Benoist is excited to announce an agreement with Enertech Global, LLC of Greenville, Illinois to distribute their full line of Hydron Module (https://hydronmodule.com/) geothermal equipment and accessories. Hydron Module is an innovative, high quality geothermal line that is made in America and backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Hydron Module has a full line of products to fit any residential or light commercial application, including packaged systems, indoor or outdoor splits, water-to-water and combination systems that can provide ducted heating and cooling, radiant heating and up to 100% of your domestic hot water needs.

It was more than first-class equipment that drew Benoist to Enertech. "From our first meeting with CEO Steve Smith and his management team, we knew that we had a manufacturing partner who would provide the support we would need to really grow this business," said Peter Warren, Benoist Brothers CEO. That includes extensive product training and technical support, great lead times and a customer-first attitude that is shared by Benoist.

Geothermal awareness has never been higher. Environmentally and budget conscious homeowners are attracted to geothermal technology by its high efficiency and low operational and lifespan costs. In addition, there are numerous financial incentives available to consumers, including federal tax credits and utility rebates, that help make geothermal systems even more affordable.

Now is the time to add Hydron Module geothermal heating and cooling systems to your product offerings! Available at all 10 Benoist locations – contact your Benoist sales representative for additional information.

About Hydron-Module
Hydron Module Geothermal Residential Line

Hydron Module has a rich history with quality at its core. Originally hand-crafted by Hutterites in South Dakota, the commitment to building a reliable, sturdy heat pump remains. Hydron Module geothermal systems are built in the heart of America, Mitchell, SD, by a team dedicated to continuous improvement and quality control. Hydron Module offers the best residential geothermal warranty as a testament to the thorough testing performed on each unit. Before leaving the production facility, each Hydron Module unit is turned on and ran in both the heating and cooling mode to ensure its running optimally.